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A dream

Last night I had a good dream: I was in Cuba, on my house. My family  was there, and some friend

On the table there was a cake and I asked: Why We have a cake? Is it the birthday of anybody?
Everybody surrounded me and told me: It is January 25, honey; the day of your birthday! Then they

started kiss me and asked me to light the candles.
In that moment I felt I was not along. I already didn’t feel like a bird in a cage


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I) He’s preparing to swimming on the pool.o) She’s skiing on the ice and it is possible she fall down.f) He is lying over the nail.e) The woman is against the hammock.n) The man went inside the river for fishing.e) All time you are in my mind.x) The chief is in front of the people.x) He is listened by the workers.v) Everybody sings around the table.a) He is resting under the sun.d) Two women are talking about the people who are next to them. q) She was working for 10 hours, that’s why she is very tired.

n) The boxer was knocked out by his opponent.

l) Mam, not far from here there is a tree with many fruits.b) Please stay here, very close to me. a) The children want to put a block on top of the other. h) The worm has a carrot inside his mouth.       

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My country

If you visit Havana, you sould go to Morro because this is the symbol of the city, and there you will know about Havana’s history. 

It is interesting too visit The Revolution Squere, a place where the cuban people have donde our History.

But if you want to take the son in the beach, I recomend you Varadero beach, because there you will enjoin the more white sand and the more quite waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Maybe you like the music, and if you are in Cuba, I’m sure you’ll want  to listen cuban music, so go to the Casa de la Musica.

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In the last three days I have been thinking if I must to be here, what should I do…

But  I don’t find answeres for my own questions. 

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