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My last vacacion

On september I was in Santiago de Cuba where I visited many places on the city, some on the country site.

Early in the morning, when I woke up, usually at 8:00,  I looked out the window and I decided what to do, and where to go in this beatiful city.


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I) He’s preparing to swimming on the pool.o) She’s skiing on the ice and it is possible she fall down.f) He is lying over the nail.e) The woman is against the hammock.n) The man went inside the river for fishing.e) All time you are in my mind.x) The chief is in front of the people.x) He is listened by the workers.v) Everybody sings around the table.a) He is resting under the sun.d) Two women are talking about the people who are next to them. q) She was working for 10 hours, that’s why she is very tired.

n) The boxer was knocked out by his opponent.

l) Mam, not far from here there is a tree with many fruits.b) Please stay here, very close to me. a) The children want to put a block on top of the other. h) The worm has a carrot inside his mouth.       

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The dentist looked at the teeth in my mouth screaned in horror. He pick up the allegator by its tail and threw it into the water. The chair was leaning against the door. We bought red tulips for my grandmother. My father had a parrot in a cage. 1- Dentist is the persone who fix your teeth. 2- Be careful, allegators are very dangerous. 3- In mauth closed, fly can’t enter.  4- It is important to have many chairs in the classroom. 5 -It is important drink a lot of water for keep our helth. 

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